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Kayak 2 & Paddle: Shearwater 17 (flush mount deck hardware)

Kayak 2 & Paddle: Shearwater 17 (flush mount deck hardware)


Brand new hand built Shearwater 17, Sapele & Okume fiberglass reinforced wooden kayak. Wooden compass rose on foredeck. Built from CLC kit: 17 feet long, 22 inch beam, 43 lbs.

-Watertight bulkheads forward and aft. Adjustable foot pegs.
-Reinforced hatch covers with custom latch toggles.
-Custom Walnut and Maple lifting toggles.

-Flush mount deck hardware.

*Includes thigh and hip bracing foam and deck bungie cords. I can install these per your request, or include with the kit for your customization.

Wooden Paddle Included:

-Choose from 210, 220, 230 or 240 cm lengths. Lightweight ~30 oz.
-Laminated Handle of Basswood & Cedar. Oblong, egg shaped cross section for comfort and ease of hand alignment.
-Fiberglass reinforced curved dihedral asymmetrical cedar blade, edged with walnut and an impact resistant epoxy rock guard tip.
-2 piece, +/- 60 degrees feather carbon fiber ferrule.

  • Delivery Options

    Free local Pick Up (New Lenox, IL.)
    Delivery up to 200 miles at $1 per mile.

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Warrantee for 1 year materials and labor, damages due to normal use.  Repair or replace at Humpback Kayaks' discretion. 

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